LED tubes

The reason to switch to our Integrated LED lights.

Replacing your fluorescent cooler light with our double row, V-shaped cooler light is will be light night and day when it comes to saving money and reducing your headaches.  Our integrated LED bulbs produce more light as a standard florescent using less power.  CRI>80 produces more natural colors for products.  These tubes do not have any glass, so there is no possibility for shattering a bulb around a customer.


The reason to switch to our LED tubes.

Replacing your fluorescent tubes is a huge money saving purchase.  Our bulbs produce the same amount of light as a standard florescent using 40% less power.  You also remove the cost of purchasing any more ballast, having to deal with disposing of fluorescent tubes when they go bad and LED tubes have a longer life cycle than fluorescent tubes while being shatter resistant since there is no glass.

Integrated led 8ft

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